Snow White II


Mirrors do not show the truth
or if they do, we are not equipped to hear it.
A mirror reflects only that which we expect to see,
our hopes, our fears, our vanity
reflections only of the eyes that see it.

The mirror absorbs images
Impresses them into its lack of soul.
Magazine girls, too slim,
Tweaked to absurd alien perfection,
Hollywood starlets in their eating disorders
wrinkles smoothed, curves cleaned
soft-focus lenses, one thousand tricks
that I know, subtle distortions of reality—
Stalin would be proud.

Mirrors are cold, backed with metal
and care not if their harsh reflection leaves scars
I will never be thin enough
I will never be pretty enough
The mirror is Despair’s domain with just cause.
Cold rationality for a world
for which reason has taken on too much
Much that is not its purview.

Mirrors do not show the truth. Truth
is only to be found in human eyes.

You are beautiful. Believe this.
You are so beautiful.
You are so beautiful.

July 31, 2010


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